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This is just one of many offers to get an additional $35K+* in value with your truck purchase. All you need to do is register for your own AgPack ID and provide that ID when purchasing any qualifying vehicle from any Certified Agriculture Dealership. It's that easy.

* Based on customer using every AgPack® benefit to its maximum value. Average farm/ranch savings in 2023 was $14,828.


Discover Gallagher

An innovative business leading the world in the provision of animal and pasture management solutions.

Gallagher provides farmers and ranchers with a broad range of premium quality agricultural products that empower them to improve their operations for over 80 years. The Gallagher product range is extensive and constantly expanding. Their offering includes everything from portable and permanent electric fencing solutions, fence tools and accessories, livestock weighing, electronic identification products, data management solutions, automatic watering systems and so much more.

Built tough to do more.


Gas Vehicles:

Up To 35 mph On Select Models

Electric Vehicles:

Up To 30 mph


Gas Vehicles:

Up To 100 Miles

Electric Vehicles:

Up to 50 miles


Pro Model:

Tow up to 1,750 lbs

Select Mid-sized Models:

Tow up to 1,500 lbs

Bed Payload

Pro Model:

Carry up to 1,000 lbs

Select Mid-sized Models:

Carry up to 700 lbs

landmaster-safety1 landmaster-safety2

Safety, reliability, and quality guaranteed.

Easy to Service

Easy to maintain. Easy to service. Easy to transport. Engine uses common, available parts found at your local lawn and garden store.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

  • 1-year coverage for the entire machine. The only exclusions are tires, brake pads, and battery.
  • 5-year prorated battery on the AMP electric UTVs.
  • 3-year engine warranty on all gas-powered engines.


3-point lap belts, roll-over protection certified, optional safety lighting kits, grab bars, 360° of reflective decals, and side safety nets.


Every electric fence system is made up of an Energizer (a.k.a. Fence Charger or Fencer), a grounding system, and a fence system. The selection of these systems depend on property size, fencing usage, and animal type. For a simpler electric fence building experience, Gallagher breaks electric fencing systems into three product categories:


Fence Power

Our Power category consists of products that deliver and manage power to the fence. The following components make up this category: Energizers (a.k.a. Fence Chargers and Fencers), Fence Testers, Batteries, Solar Panels, and Connectors.


Fence Construction

Our second grouping of electric fencing products makes up the Construct category. This category consist​s of products that build the fence system.


Fence Conductors

Our final category of electric fencing products is Conduct. The Conduct category consists of products that are used to carry Power.

Scales and EID

At Gallagher USA you'll find all the pieces you need to build or evolve your perfect livestock weighing, animal identification (EID) and data collection system. Even expert advice to help plan, deploy, and support your livestock management solution from beginning to end.


Scale Heads and Data Collectors

Gallagher Scale Indicators and Data Collectors range from an entry-level automatic weighing model through to the most advanced livestock weighing and data collection systems available.


Livestock Weighing Components

Loadbars and platforms do the heavy work of a scale system. Find reliable, durable Gallagher livestock weighing components that are simple to install, use and maintain in any operation.


EID Tag Reader

An EID tag reader is a critical part of an Electronic ID system. The reader captures the unique tag number of individual animals as they are weighted, treaded, or identified​.

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Thanks to the AgPack that came with my truck purchase, I was able to redeem 8 options and save over $21,000 for my ranch. This has been a game-changer for my operations, and I’m incredibly grateful for the value it has brought my business.

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August 2023